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A|X Armani Exchange is the youthful label created in 1991 by Giorgio Armani to capture the heritage of the Armani brand through the lens of its young fashion-forward urban spirit. Modern bold shapes in original shades reflect contemporary design with stylish details.

The A|X story began in the United States in the Nineties. The brand was created within the Armani world, from which it has inherited its essentiality, developing however its own unique and clear-cut identity, specifically for its target market: a young, modern and informal consumer, who lives in cult cities like New York, Milan, London and Tokyo. The range made its debut with a ‘basic’ collection of fundamental garments and accessories, proposed in innovative designs, to reflect the understated sophistication and energy of a new generation.

Year after year, A|X transformed in-step with the evolution of the latest lifestyle trends and modes of expression, becoming increasingly more global. Today, A|X is the symbol of a reinvented ‘city style’, where the modern, creative and ‘all-digital’ spirit of the metropolitan youth meets with Italian taste and creativity, Armani’s sartorial heritage and culture, to create new and original combinations.

Armani Exchange
The luxury that is there but (not) seen is Armani Exchange's favorite. A feature evident above all in the accessories such as the men's wallet in buffalo leather with a linear and no-frills design that lets materials and fine workmanship speak for themselves. This timeless wallet in buffalo hide offers a modern touch with a logoed metal plate.
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To be sure not to make a mistake even in the choice of accessories, just follow the compass of taste: the north it will indicate will always be the Armani Exchange. The wrist wallet is the must of comfort and if it is also beautiful and trendy you will be at the top: embossed signature, all-over zip and minimal design for an object that will be impossible to leave in the drawer.

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